Zebra and Android Battery Management Metrics in Workspace One Console

Battery Health in Power Status and Battery health in Zebra Battery Information are totally independent. The Power status come from the Android API and Zebra Battery Information come from the Zebra unique API. Here is the Value type you get from The Android Power status Battery health: https://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/BatteryManager#summary Here is the Value Type for the... Continue Reading →

Setup your AirWatch Relay server for Workspace One (Windows IIS FTP Passive mode)

Setup FTP Passive in your Windows Environment Installing FTP Server In Windows Server Manager go to Dashboard and run Manage > Add Roles and Features. In Add Roles and Features wizard: Proceed to Installation Type step and confirm Role-based or feature-based installation. Proceed to Server Roles step and check Web Server (IIS) role. Note that it is checked already, if you had IIS installed as a Web Server previously.... Continue Reading →

Enable/Disable Floating home button in COSU Mode

RemoveHomeFloatingButtonSetting: In COSU since HOME and RECENTS buttons are disabled, launcher provides a home floating button to switch between applications. This button is enabled by default for MULTIAPP and TEMPLATE mode. But if admin wants to remove this button he can use the below setting: <characteristic type="com.airwatch.android.androidwork.launcher" uuid="568bc89d-1df8-4ce9-a041-e5a24acdb7ec"> <parm name="RemoveHomeFloatingButtonSetting" value="True"/> </characteristic>

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