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Dany Leclerc – Senior Solutions Engineer at Okta

With an Administrator System background working in Manufacturing in France, Dany relocated to Australia and started his new chapter as a Sales engineer at SOTI Pty for 4 years. During this time Dany highly contributed in ANZ on some of the largest Mission Critical deployments across verticals like Transportation, Retail, Healthcare and Field services.

In 2018, in order to continue his success Dany joined VMware, the leader in the End User Computing industry as a Sales Engineer specialist in Mission Critical deployments.

As the world is accelerating his journey toward digital transformation, bringing accountabilty for front line workers has never been as much needed as today, especially with the rapide changes that have been required with covid.

As a result Dany has decided to join Okta, the leader in the Indentity Access Management and Customer Identity to continue to help customers serving their employees with the best in class experience and security solution for their day to day job.

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