Enforce an application to always run on MacOS

This article explains 2 different methods in order to keep an Application running on MacOS

Script Code:



osascript -e “do shell script \”

  if ! (ps aux | grep $application_name | grep -v grep > /dev/null)


      Open -a $application_name


\” with administrator privileges”


Custom Attribute Method (Device need to be online):


  1. Profile configuration
    1. Add Profile under MacOS > Device > custom attributes
  • Assign the profile to user.
  • Testing

Script Method (Require the new Script feature Freestyle)


  • Intelligent Hub 20.10
  • Workflow Engine Application 20.10
    • The VMware Workspace ONE Workflow Engine 20.10 for macOS is an additional component required to support some new functionality, such as Scripts and Freestyle Orchestrator workflows.


  1. App deployment
    1. Add Workflow Engine Application 20.10 to UEM internal Apps and deploy to MacOS devices
  • Script configuration
    • Add Bash scripts and execute as system
  • Script assignment
    • Assign the script to corresponding user with proper deployment methods
      • Script can run every 4/6/8/12/24 hours
  • Testing

-Special credit to Bolun for his support on getting this working-

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