Android Enterprise: Leave all system apps when enrolling devices into Workspace One using QR Method

If you are enrolling any rugged devices (Honeywell, Zebra, Panasonic etc) using Android Enterprise in Workspace One through the QR method then you will need to manually generate your own QR Code using an online QR Code Generator in order to get the option to enable the System Apps.

1.) Prepare your JSON code below. You can choose where your agent is hosted in my example I decided to host it in Dropbox. Make sure the download URL is set to dl=1 so the download start immediately.

Enter then your server URL, your Group ID, Username and Password.

“”: false,
“”: {“serverurl”: “”, “gid”: “Your_GID”, “un”:”Username”, “pw”:”Password”

2.) Copy the txt above and go to any free Online QR code generator in my case I use and then paste the code into the field as below screenshot:

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 8.24.46 am

3.) You can now after you factory reset your device (Android 7 and above) tap 6 time at the top right of the screen to then proceed to QR reader. In some OEM like Honeywell you can directly use their scanner to scan the QR code.

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