Okta Sign On Error Message Customizations

With the increase of Adaptive MFA use case and all the different combination of posture presented to evaluate the signin into a ressource, organisations require to customize their messaging to their end users to provide context and reduce the login experience friction. Keep in mind that for security reason we may not want to give... Continue Reading →

Setup Okta as IdP with ADFS (SP)

Take the advantage of Okta Passwordless experience to access all your ADFS integrated applications. In this article we are Integrating Okta as IDP with ADFS as SP where Salesforce has been SAML integrated with ADFS. Prerequisites: Active Directory running 2008 R2 or higher.ADFS installed and configured. (ADFS doesn't need to be exposed to the internet... Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Mac Address as a Custom Attribute in VMware Workspace One UEM

This steps below describe how to setup Windows 10 Mac Address as a custom attribute in VMware Workspace One. Such settings are required for exemple when leveraging Certificate template and require the Mac Address. Creating the Files to push down: Add MAC Address in registry (Powershell script) $MyMacAddress=(Get-WmiObject Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration | where {$_.ipenabled -EQ $true}).Macaddress |... Continue Reading →

Enforce an application to always run on MacOS

This article explains 2 different methods in order to keep an Application running on MacOS Script Code: #!/bin/bash application_name="Notes" osascript -e "do shell script \"   if ! (ps aux | grep $application_name | grep -v grep > /dev/null)   then       Open -a $application_name   fi \" with administrator privileges"   Custom Attribute Method... Continue Reading →

Over-the-air Migration from SOTI to Workspace ONE UEM

For Windows Mobile legacy device (Windows Rugged) 1      Over-the-air Migration from SOTI to Workspace One UEM 1.1      Migrating your Windows Mobile legacy devices. 1.1.1       Introduction ACME PTY require to migrate their X scanners from their SOTI legacy tenant running Mobicontrol to their VMware Workspace One UEM Platform in order to decommission the Legacy SOTI tenant... Continue Reading →

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